In Case of Emergency – 5 Things that Every Parent Should Know How to Do

If you’re a parent, your child having a medical emergency is probably one of your worst fears. You hope that no permanent damage will be done, but if you are a parent, you need to expect emergencies. Even if your kids aren’t adventurous daredevils, accidents happen and there is bound to be blood, choking, or […]

5 Ideas to Help Teach Kids Basic First Aid

Children should learn about first aid so they can be prepared to take action in an emergency situation. However, keeping a child’s attention while teaching them first aid techniques can be challenging. These ideas can help make learning more fun and effective. Use Illustrations Children have a difficult time learning without images to guide them. […]

They Don’t Come with a Manual: What to Consider When Your Child Breaks a Bone

Unfortunately, many children experience breaking a bone at some point during their childhood. A fall from their playground or while simply jumping on the bed may have you taking a trip to the emergency room. When your child breaks a bone, it is extremely important to have it treated immediately in order for it to […]

How to Treat the Most Common Bug Bites Your Kids Encounter

Usually, bug bites do little more than cause itching and discomfort to kids, but parents should always be aware that bites can trigger allergic reactions and infections. Below are five common bug bites, and recommended treatment for each. Spider Bites Spider bites can range from mild to severe, but the first step in treating one […]

Increased First Aid Training is Needed in Schools

First aid is critically important, especially in schools where it is crucial to be able to react quickly to accidents and emergencies in order to limit the effect of injuries on children. Let’s face it, all children are prone to accidents and so a strong knowledge of how to deal with these situations effectively is […]

Stop Your Baby From Choking

Disclaimer: the following post is not in any way intended to qualify as actual medical advice. For training on infant choking and CPR, please contact your local Red Cross chapter. There isn’t much in the world that is scarier to a parent than a choking baby. Most Mommies would rather face an angry grizzly bear […]