Confrontation With a Teen: Inevitable Results Edition

All right Heroes, I promised long ago to be more forthcoming about teens. Then I felt guilty for potential privacy violations, so I held my tongue. After two blow-ups in less than a day, I’m ready to talk. Because wow. So! Here is the issue from last evening. I was requested to drive a boy […]

They Don’t Speak My Language

We’ve had the dog for seven months now. She’s adorable and wonderful, but not completely housebroken. I think it has something to do with the fact that we’re constantly just taking her out instead of encouraging her to let us know she needs to go. Well. Hubby and I bug the boys to take her […]

Third Week of School, pt.1

Tomorrow is the last day of the third week of school. Last year at this time, I posted about some battles that I was having with the boys. Some time later, a group of women who disagree with me on some basic parenting philosophies found the post and spent a few days ripping me up […]