Five Things Parents Should be Teaching Their Kids about Education

Parents generally agree that education is important for their children’s success. It is more difficult to find agreement about how to teach children about the importance of education. What message do parents want to send to their children? Here are five things parents should be teaching their children about education: 1. Education leads to better […]

Parents and Money: Things to Do in 2014

The new year is right around the corner, and if 2013 wasn’t the best year for you financially, here is your opportunity to rewrite history. As a parent, you undoubtedly have a lot on your mind. And with all your responsibilities, savvy money-management may fall through the cracks. Maybe you accumulated extra debt over the […]

10 Reasons to Send Your Teen to a Boarding School

Attending a boarding school can give a child several advantages compared to a public school.  The education, athletics, and activities all make up an experience that is difficult to duplicate. 1) No Pressure While a public school tends to organize cliques and social groups, the atmosphere of boarding schools is quite different.  Not only is […]

Becoming A Star

(So much of what I write is aimed at parents and educators, but this article is different. I encourage you to share this with any middle school and high school students who are in your life.) There are great lessons that nature teaches us, if only we pay attention. Sometimes they’re right before our eyes, […]

Will Writing: What No Parent Wants to Think About

(Editor’s note: please welcome Laura’s post on will writing. Having a will in place can save your children and loved ones a great deal of heartache. Thanks, Laura!) Get help writing your will from Liverpool Victoria Life Insurance. We all know that we will die before our kids, of course, and we want it that […]

One Million Arrows

Do you have a vision for your children to change the world? What do you want your children to be doing with their lives when they’re adults? I don’t mean career-wise. I mean in life. This is a serious question; one that both Hubby and I have considered off and on over the years. A […]