Thoughts on the Whole Homeschool vs Public School Debate

Longtime readers are certainly aware that I spent many years homeschooling all 4 boys, and then about 4 years ago the older ones began attending public school. To be precise, TechnoBoy went to 8th grade and then The Mercenary joined public school the following year. They’re both in 11th grade now and we agree that […]

TechnoBoy Goes to School

So. Being that I’m the parent of two 13-year-olds, we’ve been experiencing a lot of teen angst around here. Usually every summer follows a similar pattern: we’re all sick of each other by June, but we have lots of fun and togetherness (and some time apart) and we’re back to loving each other by September […]

When You Lose Your Temper

Just yelled my head off and sent all the boys to their rooms. It started this morning when I was fetching dirty laundry and asked The Mercenary to bring any stray clothes down to my room so I could sort and wash them. (Note that I do all the washing, drying, and folding of clothes […]