Why do the Kids Keep Getting Sick? 5 Reasons Why Immune Systems are Down

As a parent, you may be wondering why your kids keep getting sick. Is it from all of the germs that they pick up while they’re at school? Or could it simply be from the changes in the weather? Children who constantly get sick may leave you feeling frustrated and looking for an answer that […]

Five Things Every Father Should Teach Their Son

Raising your son to be a responsible young man is a lot of hard work. There are a lot of things that you will have to teach him. Below are some of the most important things that you will need to teach your son: The Importance Of Being Honest You will need to teach your […]

Father to Son: How to Teach Your Son Proper Hygiene

It’s important that fathers teach their sons proper hygiene as they continue to grow older. Instilling these life lessons while your son is young will help them to become the man you want them to be. While these tasks may seem difficult at first glance, there are a few essential tips that can help you […]

5 Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Trip to the Dentist

There is an unfortunate stereotype that visiting the dentist is frightening for children. While some children are shy about new experiences, the first trip to the dentist can be fun and rewarding. Even more importantly, that visit can set the stage for healthy habits for the rest of his life. Good hygiene habits can keep […]

Piercing with a Plan: Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Daughter’s Ears Pierced

Although some parents choose to put off piercing their little girls’ ears until they’re old enough to care for them on their own, others prefer to get it over with early so they can have fun accessorizing tiny outfits for years to come. Every parent will have an opinion on when exactly a child should […]

How to Teach Your Kid Proper Hygiene in 5 Easy Steps

Proper hygiene is something we adults take for granted, and forget sometimes that it is something that has to be learned. If your child comes back from school telling you that his peers call him “stinky” or any other name, it is in part your fault. You haven’t instilled in your child proper hygiene. It […]