Building a Better Student: Thank You!

School is important, but there are lessons outside of the classroom that every kid can use to get ahead, or – as we like to say with our foundation – to become the best version of themselves. Some of those lessons go a long way in helping students become valuable company assets after graduation. Isn’t […]

Building a Better Student: Beyond the Diploma, Part 1

Every year, the job market is swamped with millions of new high school and college graduates, each racing to land one of the few job openings. The competition is not unlike musical chairs, with more applicants than positions, and it can be heartbreaking for a student who has worked hard for four years – or […]

Find Homeschooling Encouragement With the eBook “You Can Do It Too”

If you look back to the early years of this blog, you’ll see a lot of discussion of homeschooling. In fact, my difficulties with homeschooling are a huge part of why I started writing in the first place. I’ve said less in part because it got easier, but mainly because a) the boys are getting […]