FFYF: Not So Dreary February Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! I’m happy to report that there is not much snow on the ground right now, and the big yellow orb in the sky has made occasional appearances this month! For Michigan, that is huge. February has been my most hated month of the year for some time now, and this looks to […]

FFYF: Icy Spring Edition

Welcome to spring, Heroes! We’ve been celebrating with a good old fashioned ice storm this week. It’s the latest and greatest way all the cool kids start a new season. That’s supposed to be warmer. Yea. Anyhow, I have so been enjoying the beauty of icy trees and grass; even though it’s a bit concerning. […]

FFYF: Fartsicle Edition

Happy Friday, Internets! Tonight Hubby was giving the boys a snack before bed when the dog came into the kitchen and looked cute. Naturally we decided that she should have a treat as well. After a moment of consultation, we decided to dig into a bag of treats that I had in the cupboard. The […]

FFYF: What? Nothing Edition

Hubby walked into the basement yesterday, leaned down and whispered in my ear: “Call The Mercenary and when he says ‘yes’, you say ‘nothing’.” I have to admit, Internets, that I found this very confusing.  Was I to say nothing?   Or to say “Nothing”?   Soooooo, I said, “Hey Mercenary.” He said, “What?” I said, “Nothing.” […]

Fun For Your Friday

Oooookay, it’s that time again! Fun For Your Friday! Woohoo!!!!! Fun For Your Friday works like this: It’s Friday. Let’s laugh. This week I thought I’d share a joke with you: What did the snail say as it rode on the turtle’s back while crossing the road? Wheeeeeee! If you have a funny blog post, […]


Well it’s official. I’ve been coughing up lungs due to a slight case of pneumonia. I knew asthma was giving me a hard time, but the pneumonia diagnosis was a bit of a surprise. Thankfully the doc gave me a breathing treatment and I am already SO much better! That oxygen is handy stuff. Do […]