5 Simple Steps for Better Grades

Most parents realize that helping their children set goals is important, but few realize that not all goals are created equal. While some goals can empower children to get better grades and achieve academic success, others can actually discourage children or cause them to become frustrated and overwhelmed. How do you know the difference between […]

When You Feel Like You’re Drowning

Around here, it seems like September is the month for just drowning in stress. With the new school schedule, there are always changes. On top of that, the boys usually aren’t fond of transitioning from summer break back to schoolwork anyway. So we all struggle. We’re talking about it over in my post at GNMParents […]

It’s Not That I Have Nothing to Say

It’s just that the schedule lately has been full of well, stuff to do. Has summer been just screaming by this year? I feel like it’s screaming by. It’s crazy really….this whole Time Spinning Faster Every Year thing. My boys are going to be done growing up and out of the house before I know […]