Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget These Often Overlooked Places

Many homeowners are aware of common places requiring cleaning with spring’s arrival, like barbecue grills, mattress covers, windows, and kitchens. However, many of us are prone to over-look many areas capable of breeding germs. For additional peace of mind, general health, and your family’s well-being, pay attention to less-common areas during spring cleaning to add […]

Automotive Tips for Single Mothers

Single mothers are too busy working, food shopping, plastering cut knees and spending valuable time with their children to have time to do the simplest of car checks. Fortunately, half of the things a single Mom needs to do to her vehicle for general maintenance can be accomplished either while she is driving or when […]

Teach Your Children About Home Maintenance: Five Fun Ideas

Children love to participate in real home repairs and maintenance. Allowing them to shadow you while you do routine maintenance chores around the house will be more exciting to them than you might imagine. You’ll also help them to become more self-reliant for those times when you aren’t available and they can help to avert […]

I Declared War Today

One of the perks of being the queen of this castle is the ability to declare war as necessary. Today, I declared war on the messes that the boys have been leaving. Last night after they’d gone to bed I spent a half-hour picking up enough stuff just to walk safely through the house without […]