Looking for Laundry in All the Wrong Places

So. A certain boy has apparently decided to be the death of me. As a member of the soccer team, he was provided with blue shorts and socks, a blue jersey, and a white jersey. The blue jersey was worn one Sunday evening to conduct a soccer team fundraiser. By Wednesday morning when he needed […]

They Put Away the Laundry!

A big battle around here (for WAAAAAAYYYY) too long has been laundry. Essentially, I refused to do it anymore for the older boys several years ago. This is because when I entered their room every morning to get them up, I was wading through piles of clean (CLEAN!!) laundry that I had carefully washed and […]

Monday Giveaway Linky: Had it With the Planet Edition

Heroes, I just lost my temper with the boys. In a big way. I’m sure I’ll regret this tomorrow, but right now I’m still angry. There comes a time for every parent when the endless ignored requests just get to be too much. Boys in this case have not been making an adequate effort to […]

Organising a Busy, Messy Home – 6 Sanity Saving Tips for Single Parents

Running a household is a stressful, full time job at the best of times– but when you’re running solo, it can make life and day-to-day activities especially challenging. As you’re a single parent, maintaining an organised home falls squarely on your shoulders. All the cooking and cleaning is up to you – and that doesn’t […]

How to Organize Toys in Your Child’s Bedroom

No matter how old your child may be, you will want to know how you can organize their toys.  For parents of younger kids, they likely don’t want to let them have unsupervised access to some of their toys.  Parents of older kids will likely want to teach them the importance of keeping their rooms […]

How to Choose the Right Paints for Your Kids

Kids love painting and getting messy – it’s a proven fact! But as parents, just the mere sight of a tray of paints is usually enough to bring us out in a cold sweat. If we think back to when we were kids, we might remember the lasting stains on our clothes if we accidentally […]