How Necessary are MultiVitamins for Preschoolers?

Do your preschool children take multivitamins? It may not be necessary. For many children who are healthy and growing normally, the best source of nutrients is food, and they can get all of the vitamins and minerals that they need from their normal meals and snacks. For that to happen, parents should keep their kids […]

Just Desserts: How Parents Can Keep Kids’ Diets Well-Rounded

Healthy eating is necessary to sustain human life. As adults, we know this, and we try to teach this to our kids. But kids, as we all know, are drawn to unhealthy foods–they’re just more honest about the temptation than adults often are. Some kids may be finicky, or have specific dietary needs. No matter […]

Teach Kids How To Live Well With A Preventive Health Lifestyle

In a media-saturated environment where fast food advertising reigns, raising healthy kids has parents searching for tools that will keep them from being distracted by unhealthy habits. According to the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, obesity is now considered to be a global health crisis among children and adults. Teach your children how to ignore […]

Mom Faced Criminal Charges for Son’s Obesity

Meet 555lb, 14 year old, Alexander Draper. His mother, Jerri Gray, was charged with criminal neglect for letting him gain too much weight. Alexander was soon placed in foster care and stripped away from his mother, as she faced her looming trial (2 felonies, 15 years, $50k bond). During her trial, she claimed that she […]

Parenting and Nutrition 101: Is Your Family Getting the Best of You?

Mommy, can you please come play with me? Dad, can you pick me up at 10:00 tonight after the football game? Mommy, why is your tummy squishy? With all that goes on in busy parenting, it seems like only the health gurus in our lives make time to really consider the effects of complete nutrition […]

5 Treats to Have on Hand When Traveling with Kids

When you’re a young adult, you love road trips with your friends because they give you total freedom to explore the world. Once you’re a little older, though, you have kids in the backseat trying to impose themselves on your plans. Keep these 5 treats on hand when traveling with kids so you can keep […]