3 Ways Moms Can Get More

Taking care of yourself is important, but you have to make time in your life for it. Most moms have given up trying to make space in their schedules for doing the things they love, whatever that may be. You may find yourself looking for more time to get everything done, shirking your needs to […]

Gift Giving Anxiety…The Easiest Way to Prepare for Christmas Shopping!

Ever notice that the holiday time seems to be an equal-parts mix of joy and anxiety? I know I’m not the only one who struggles this time of year. As much as I love the holiday spirit, part of me just feels too rushed and too anxious to really be able to enjoy it. First […]

When You Feel Like You’re Drowning

Around here, it seems like September is the month for just drowning in stress. With the new school schedule, there are always changes. On top of that, the boys usually aren’t fond of transitioning from summer break back to schoolwork anyway. So we all struggle. We’re talking about it over in my post at GNMParents […]

When There’s Too Much To Do

When there’s too much to do, that’s when you scream, right? Okay, maybe that’s not the best choice. I guess we’ll go with option two: buckle down and focus on the ol’ ToDo list. There’s actually been some progress there, and that’s encouraging. We’ve got some craziness over the next several weeks with soccer and […]

A Strategy for Reducing Christmas Stress

My weekly post is up at ForeverParenting.  My kids often get overwhelmed at Christmas with all the gifts. After a day of opening presents showered upon them by loving family members, and they tend to get mighty cranky. Then the novelty addiction kicks in, and suddenly everything they have must be new new new or […]