Soothe Young Ones to Sleep with Piano Lullabies (Give Away)

Heroes, I have long been a die-hard fan of the piano. Granted, I wasn’t quite as fond when I was struggling to learn to play it. Lessons, practice…my heart didn’t go pitty pat for it. But I’ve always loved the piano. Listening to the piano though, that’s something I can do for hours upon hours. […]

7 Tricks to Encourage Your Child to Practice Music

Whether your child is into vocal music or instrumental music, practicing is an inevitable part of learning and improving their skills. But convincing your child to take time out of a busy day of school and play in order to practice can be challenging. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to encourage your […]

Drawing Lines in the Sand

So. We’re deep into the month of August and I say something innocent to the older boys like, “you need to practice the piano today.” They do not take this well, and frowns and foot-stomping abound. Every now and then in the parenting journey you come to an important battle point. In my mind, this […]

Piano Lessons

I started taking piano lessons when I was in the first grade, and intended to start the older boys fairly young as well. As it turned out, the activities we had were enough and I didn’t get started on piano. Last year, things were going better so I thought it was time to start tickling […]