Monday Giveaway Linky – Oh, The Aching Muscles Edition

I don’t know if I mentioned here last week that we’re renovating a bathroom here at Earnest Parenting. And by “renovating” I mean: removing all fixtures, every scrap of drywall and flooring, and starting from scratch. The demo part of the job started out like gangbusters. We were making great progress. The boys really enjoyed […]

Monday Giveaway Linky: Last Week Was Awesome Edition

So, last week we had over 50 giveaways listed here. 50! That’s so great, Heroes! Please check out this week’s listings, and win something. An InLinkz Link-up

We Love Give Aways! Link Up

Good Monday, Heroes! We are once again linking up giveaways here at Earnest Parenting. I myself have a couple of them going on, and more to come. Check back often, as there are usually some wonderful prizes that people have available. And say, if you win one let me know, won’t you? I love it […]

Make Some New Friends!

One of the best parts about having this site is definitely all the fantastic people I’ve “met” and gotten to know online. Do you know how many new blogs are created every day? It’s a big number, let me tell you. There are millions and millions of people online writing about their experiences. The mind […]

Happy Birthday GNMParents!

**UPDATE: Content from has been moved to This week is the one-year celebration over at GNMParents.  Contests galore!  Prizes!  Head on over there and check it out.  The first contest is going on from now until Wednesday, and the prize is a brand new Danger Ranger book and DVD set for 3 lucky […]