The Benefits of Family Meetings

In some families the only communication that happens is when we’re passing one another in the hall or going out the door or at bedtime when everyone is tired. Everyone goes and does their own thing without really seeing each other. And so communication breaks down because no one is taking the time to talk […]

The Process; Determining the Best Way to De-Stress with a Hobby

I needed to find a way to blow off some steam. Like all of us, I know about the standard recommended stress-busters; exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, etc. Like some of us, I actually do many of those things, but I find one component is still missing. Just like homework, housework, and the work […]

I Am A Happy Camper

I haven’t given you any updates on our school progress in quite a while, Internets. The short story is things are going well. We have issues to work on, make no mistake about it. But overall we’re progressing along well. The Mercenary hasn’t complained about having to do his schoolwork in a long time. Yes, […]