And Now the Piano is Dusty: Positive Ways to Motivate Kids to Practice

The thrill is gone. That shiny new trumpet hasn’t been out of its case for almost three weeks now. It is a common phenomenon amongst young musicians. The excitement of producing their very own sound soon fades as daily practice becomes grueling and the student violin continues to shriek and whine. But coming up with […]

Drawing Lines in the Sand

So. We’re deep into the month of August and I say something innocent to the older boys like, “you need to practice the piano today.” They do not take this well, and frowns and foot-stomping abound. Every now and then in the parenting journey you come to an important battle point. In my mind, this […]

Rehearsing Wisdom

I rehearse situations in advance with my kids. Does that qualify me as a little batty? Never mind. Don’t answer that. Okay. So here’s what I do. Any time I notice that there’s an opportunity for the boys to make a bad decision, I outline briefly what the situation will be and ask them if […]