How to Instill Confidence in Your Child

All children face some hardships while trying to become confident. It is an important responsibility of the parents to equip the children with enough confidence. With confidence they will not only survive, but thrive in life. Self confidence and competence supplement each other. A confident child will have a positive and realistic perception of his […]

Determining Child Custody: 5 Ways Your Parental Competency Will Be Evaluated

After a separation or divorce, it can be a challenge to determine child custody and the new schedule that will be used in the family unit. For many people who are going before a judge, it can be difficult to determine how the child custody will be divided. Although each situation is different, there are […]

Building A Better Student: Below The Surface

One of the shiniest objects in our solar system can teach us a great lesson about making quick assumptions. Enceladus (pronounced en-SELL-uh-dus) is a bright white moon orbiting Saturn. Completely covered in ice, at first glance it comes across as a barren place, a lonely, frozen outpost about 800 million miles from Earth. But wait. […]

4 Fun Activities That a Father Can Do With His Son to Help Strengthen Their Relationship

Are you a father who is trying to reconnect with your son? Perhaps you have both been too busy to spend quality time together recently. If so, here are four great ideas for ways for fathers to reconnect with their sons. Repair the Family Car Has your car broken down recently? Are its parts worn […]

Family: Being There for One Another

I was thinking about something the other day about my kids and all the mistakes I made when they were young. They never said a word; they just kept on loving me even though I was not perfect. Children have that ability built right in for unconditional love whereas sometimes we as adults lose that […]

Long Distance Parenting:
How Your Children Will Still Know You Despite the Distance

Long distance relationships are not only limited to the romantic or friendly kind. Long distance parenting is another reality of our modern world, especially for those parents who only want the best for their children. Kids growing up without really knowing one or both parents is becoming common due to the fact that work is […]