How To Reduce Parental Stress in 5 Steps

In today’s busy society, parenting is a challenge. Eliminating daily activities may be the easiest way to relieve the stress and worry they cost. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done because they play a vital role in family survival. For instance, most parents must work, and their children must attend school. Although few responsibilities […]

FFYF: End of Tax Season Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! We’re coming down to the wire on tax season. Have you filed your papers yet? Ugh. Yucky papers. But hey! It’s almost over, and that’s something to smile about. Welcome to the April 15, 2011 edition of fun for your friday. Maureen O’Danu presents My Hallucination was Mooing posted at Am I […]

Cooperation Is Such a Joy

I’ve been a bit of a bummer lately I think, complaining about stress and a new school year and so on. So today?? Good news! I’m seeing some cooperation! We’re stopping for lunch shortly with almost everyone done with half their schoolwork. Several things have contributed to this happy state. I made them daily checklists. […]