5 Tips for a Cleaner Family Car

Family life has a way of lowering the standards of cleanliness to which you’ve adhered since your younger, wilder days. Although they’re adorable enough to make up for it, kids are prone to making devastating messes, especially in enclosed spaces like their bedrooms, bathrooms and the family car. There may not be too much that […]

Earnest Cooking

(Editor’s note: please welcome Benjamin, with a guest post on cooking strategies that are quite useful. Thanks, Benjamin!) As a parent, you want to feed your kids wholesome, healthy meals as often as possible. Yet it is likely you’re juggling work, school, chores, shopping and extracurricular activities as well. Getting food on the table in […]

Love and Logic Strategy of Catch Phrases Can Be Controversial

My weekly article on GNMParents (now ForeverParenting.com) went up yesterday, and I wasn’t expecting Stu to have a response. But he did. Which is great because he pushed me to really think about what I am doing and why. From the article: Tonight though, I think I hit on what will work for both me […]

Hm. I Think He May Be On To Me

The Manager wasn’t pleased with his dinner tonight, and managed to find ways to waste time during mealtime tonight. He was still at the table with his chicken and green beans untouched after everyone else had finished and said, “Do I HAVE to eat this???” My first answer was a cheerful, “Yup. You have to […]

Gaining Wisdom In Spite of Himself

The Mercenary gets annoyed with me – routinely – because I insist on working through problems step by step whenever he gets stuck on things in school. Drives him crazy! He is a person who hates systematic approaches to things, and would much rather just stare at a page and wait for the answer to […]