Study Reveals Persistence as Important as IQ in Achieving Success

To some, the word “grit” conveys determination and perseverance. To residents of rural areas of the U.S., “Grit” is a folksy magazine that caters to agrarian interests. Add the word “True,” and “Grit” is the title of John Wayne’s only Academy Award-winning performance vehicle. And like Wayne himself, the word “grit” evokes images of supreme […]

3 Ways to Help Your Child do Better in School

Most people understand that the best students do not rely on tutors; rather, they are the products of a good home environment, fine parenting, and personal initiative and strong motivation. Home and family life are the big contributors to student learning and accomplishment, and this is true around the world. Parental involvement in their children’s […]

Effective Educators Use Suggestion to Help Students Succeed

Special thanks to the good folks at Braintrack for this infographic. Earnest Parenting: help for parents who want to suggest good things to their children.


When I was a kid I read a short story by Ray Bradbury called A Sound of Thunder. The story was fascinating, a tale of time travel with a terrifying lesson about ripple effects. One small event, one that, at the time, seemed so trivial and irrelevant, ended up producing a disastrous result. Some people […]

Tips for Creating a Successful Life for Children with Learning Disabilities

When dealing with learning disabilities in children it often comes down to the issue of how doing good in life is more important than momentary successes at school. The idea is not to undermine the significance of schooling and education. But education can go beyond just numbers and letters.  It is to emphasize that succeeding […]

How Parents Sabotage Kids’ Success
and How They Can Change the Story

Every parent wants the best for their kids. Yet millions of adults unknowingly sabotage their children’s chances for success. I grew up poor. I was jealous of rich people and didn’t like them. So over the years I kept trying to get rich, not realizing that my subconscious mind was telling me, “Better stop doing […]