Monday Giveaway Linky: Going to the Beach Edition

I’m writing this post on Sunday night, Heroes, and I’m planning to take the boys to the beach tomorrow. For many of you, this is not a momentous thing. But for a workaholic like me, it’s a big deal. I’m very proud. Full confession: we’re going to the beach because I had to drive an […]

Keeping The Kids Busy This Summer: 6 Projects That Help Everyone

Summer arrives faster than you might want it to, and children look for something to do while at home. Why not make this summer one where you do projects that help others instead of doing the same things day after day? There are plenty of activities that you can do as a family that don’t […]

Take Home That Blue Ribbon: 5 Science Projects That Really Wow

Science experiments are a wonderful way to engage children in active learning. Whether you are looking for a new ideas for a school project or just a fun summer project to inspire the kids. Here, we consider five great science projects: 1) Put Gravity to the Test! What? Penny, 1-inch wide strip of stiff paper […]

Kids Want A Trampoline This Summer? 6 Must Knows Before Making The Purchase

Trampolines are a great way for kids to get exercise and spend time outdoors. But before you make the purchase, there are some important considerations. Read on for six things to think about before you buy a trampoline for your kids this summer. 1. Does Your Home Insurance Cover Trampolines? For most homeowner’s insurance, you […]

Summer Is Around The Corner: Child Safety For Your Warm Activities

With hints of warmer weather appearing, we are reminded summer is just around the corner. As excitement for summer builds, it’s important to remember a few tips to help keep your children safe as they play. By putting the time in and preparing beforehand, it can leave you and your child ready for all the […]

How to Keep Your Kids Academically Sharp Over the Summer

The last school bell of the year has rung, and your kids eagerly raced home from school on that day. You definitely want them to have fun over the summer, but you do not want all of their lessons to unravel either. What are some ways you can keep your children educated during the summer […]