Building A Better Student: Sherpa

Over the past few years the pop culture industry – and believe me, it’s a massive industry – has breathlessly reported the various stumbles from the celebrity world. Recently a young starlet found herself in an endless loop of bad behavior, and – following the playbook to a T – scheduled an interview with Oprah […]

6 Ideas to Keep a Pre-teen Enjoying Reading

I truly believe that a child’s love and competence in reading is the responsibility of the parents. Of course I am not including dyslexia, but even in these children a love of books can and should be fostered. Introducing babies as young as 3 months old is ideal. Clearly these will be cloth picture books, […]

Adolescent Anger is Flaring Up

Today was a day filled with conflict, yet I sit here feeling mighty peaceful. The Mercenary has been getting angry with me on a daily basis, and his disrespectful behavior has been on the increase for some time. I actually understand the anger; between the hormones that are flooding his body and my demands for […]