Keep Kids Safe Around Water With iSwimBand (Give away below)

I’ve been waiting a long time to review this device, Heroes. It’s the iSwimBand and it can warn parents if a child is in danger in the water. Created by Aquatic Safety Concepts, this app and corresponding sensor are really impressive. There are 2 different applications for this iOS device (the Android version is in […]

Why Water is the Best Drink for Your Kids

In a world full of FD&C dyes, sugary drinks, sodas, cows’ milks, and nut milks, it’s nice to know your child has options. However, it may seem like a constant battle to find the best drink to promote healthy mental and physical development. Instead of agonizing over which manufacturer has the best product for your […]

The Pool Story

Okay, I just remembered another funny from the past. When The Manager and Captain Earthquake were 2, we got them one of those cute little plastic pools too splash in. Being that we live in an area where mosquitoes can be a concern, I tend to avoid standing water. So I usually dumped the pool […]