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You may recall that last May I went to Chicago to attend the business blogging conference SOBCon08. It was an amazing experience, and I got to meet and learn from some really great people, including David Bullock, Wendy Piersall, Chris Garrett, Terry Starbucker, and Liz Strauss. One of the great things about SOBCon is that it’s small; there’s only room for 150 people. What there is room for is a lot of new friendships.

The theme of SOBCon this year is The ROI of Relationships. In addition to the speakers listed above, we’ll also be hearing from Brian Clark, Chris Brogan, Michael Martine, and Lorelle VanFossen. Where else could you get a chance to learn in such a small group from such successful people? Only at SOBCon. And that’s not even the whole list. You can see the program for yourself at the SOBCon09 site.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well! A couple of weeks ago I won a coupon to SOBCon09 worth $200 towards the registration fee. Unfortunately I can’t use it, because I’m already registered. I asked Terry and he said I can pass it on to someone else instead. Is that cool or what?

So here’s what we’ll do. If you’d like a shot at winning the coupon just leave a comment on this post before midnight EST on Friday April 17. We’ll draw names out of a hat or do a random number thingy and announce a winner. Easy!

Earnest Parenting: helping parents go to SOBCon if they want.