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Okay. I know it’s not June anymore. Can you pretend with me that it is? I actually picked all the nominees in June, just got behind on posting. And all these parents are definitely HIP.

MommyTwinGirls is rethinking her policy about children watching TV. I laughed when I read this post! How many of us have walked this same path with our kids?

4Tunate reflects on an ordinary day of blessings. Can you imagine parenting quadruplets? I can’t.

Dawn of The Joys of Twins has a post detailing how her boys fingerpainted for Father’s Day. I don’t think I tackled fingerpainting when the boys were 2. That takes bravery!

Mom of Twin Girls appreciates the peace and sweetness of her girls napping.

Also. Do you recall Sammie, the daughter of two HIP parents from last month? As of this past Sunday she was still fighting, but the end is quite near. She’s sleeping most of the time and eating very little. If you wouldn’t mind praying for this sweet family, and possibly stopping by Sammie’s Caring Bridge page to leave a supportive comment, that would be great.


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