3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

My friend Sherry over at CityChicOnAFarm introduced me to the MckLinky Blog Hop last week. Ever been on a blog hop? Me neither! Let’s try it, shall we? The topic this week is 3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids (I know…you didn’t see THAT coming at all, didja??). This sounded like a fantastic topic, so without further ado….

3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

Every kid should learn how to be comfortable around poop. This is a critical skill in life, as any of us with children have learned in alarming detail. When I got married as a 20-something young professional, I never in my wildest dreams considered that I’d someday call my husband on the phone to describe the contents of a diaper in gory detail with a straight face. Increasing the poop comfort level early is also handy when you want the young’ns to clean up after a pet. (She writes after following 2 gagging boys around the yard today as they completed their very first Poop Patrol.)

Also incredibly important in life is the ability to commit a misdeed without being caught. I’m not talking actual illegalities here. But if you’re going to get into the cupboard and steal a marshmallow, at least have the courtesy to seal up the bag and close the cupboard door. I have no respect for sloppy criminals.

Finally, every parent should teach their child to change their underwear daily. This can be more difficult than it first appears, so if you’re not a parent you may think this is a crazy item on the list. Those of you with pre-teen boys know exACTly what I’m talking about. For example, I did manage to convince a certain son of mine to take a set of clean undies along with him on a sleepover at a friend’s last week. However, this did not translate into him actually taking off the dirty set and putting on the clean.


UPDATE: Sorry, the blog hop no longer exists. I still stand by this list though.

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who need their children to change their underwear.

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18 Responses to “3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids”

  1. Clare says:

    BEST LIST. And I have read all 80 before yours (slow work day). Love it.

    *round of applause for poop, misdeedery, and underwear all in one post*
    .-= Clare´s last blog ..Hopping the Blog Train! =-.

  2. Sherry says:

    Those are some unique ones Amy! I giggled the whole time. Your humor is so much fun to read!

    BTW, thanks for the link-back chick!!
    .-= Sherry´s last blog ..“City Chic” Meets Farm Chore #1 =-.

  3. thatgirlisfunny says:

    hahhaa! My mother bought me undies with the days of the week embroidered on them to help me remember. Excellent!

  4. “I have no respect for sloppy criminals” just about did me in. Someday, when the therapy is over, I’ll be able to talk about the stolen chocolate chip incident of my own childhood. In the meantime, I will turn that quote over and over in my mind.

  5. Benjamin says:

    OH MY GOD!!!

    I should be changing my underwear everyday?

    This changes everything… 🙂

    A bit more seriously, my wife is due on March 20th… so I will be keeping these tips in mind.

    keep smiling,

    .-= Benjamin´s last blog ..3 Powerful Concepts for Goal Setting & Spiritual Growth! =-.

  6. Amy says:

    Clare, awwwww, shucks. Thanks! I’m impressed that you read all 80 entries. That takes dedication.

    Sherry, thanks! And you’re welcome, chicky!

    Cheryl, the temptation to get that underwear for the boys is now SOOOOO strong! Just for the freak-out factor I may go ahead and buy some for them.

    Naomi, do you think I watch too many crime shows on TV? I mean come on, sometimes the holes in the plots are big enough to drive a truck through!

    In this day and age, if you can’t commit a crime without getting caught then you really shouldn’t bother to do so. If my boys ever got in trouble for misdeedery I’d have a hard time deciding what to punish them for: the crime or getting caught. I’m just sayin’

    I would indeed like to hear about the Chocolate Chip Incident, and as I recall you owe me a story anyhow. Ahem.

  7. Hey.. at least he took them – thats a very good first step!
    .-= Matt Chatterley´s last blog ..Starting an online shop – Part 6 – The Shopping Cart =-.

  8. every parent knows the importance of the three tips you gave. ya other than parent may think it silly. but that does not matter. carry on.

  9. Doug says:

    Hey…the underwear-sleepover thing. If that was the time I think it was- it was all Doris’ fault. I wasn’t even there.

  10. Amy says:

    Benjamin, YES!! Every day. 🙂 And congratulations on your impending bundle of joy!! Btw diapers need to be changed regularly too. 😉

    Matt, that’s true. I guess I should be pleased that we’re at least taking baby steps in the right direction.

    domain appraisal, thanks!

    Doug, it was indeed that night. 🙂 I threatened to have Doris check him in the morning, figuring that would be enough motivation. No go. Oh well. I’m still giggling about the idea of buying them undies with the days of the week on them. THAT would be priceless!

  11. Stemulite says:

    Hey, that’s really a great list! I was expecting it to be a bunch of lame, traditional things (be nice, never lie, etc.). Those three you have listed are very practical. Nice going. One more I would throw in is…learn to dance. I don’t mean learn to dance well…just learn to dance and not care what anyone thinks. Being afraid to get out on a dance floor comes back to haunt kids as they get into middle / high school. Just an opinion from a guy who didn’t set a foot on a dance floor until his senior year in high school.

  12. Marlene says:

    I am not a parent yet, but I’d definitely teach my kids to have (along) clean undies on a sleepover. 🙂 I like this idea.
    .-= Marlene´s last blog ..Excuse Me For Being Absent =-.

  13. Rahul says:

    Me too not a parent till now but I will ask my kids to have clean undies and have toilet before bed so that they don’t make it wet in midnight……hehehe


  14. P. Veazey says:

    An excellent blog! I wish some moms could write as well as you. Keep it up.

  15. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  16. Amy says:

    Stemulite, thanks! I’m a terrible dancer, so I would modify your suggestion to “learn to dance with joy no matter what you look like”. When I was in the 7th grade I was at a school dance having a wonderful time when 3 girls approached me and told me I needed to have lessons because I was a bad dancer. That really hurt! After that I was afraid to express myself freely, which is very sad. Life has been better since I learned to just be me and not worry about others’ opinions.

    Marlene, that clean undie thing is a biggie. Train them young!

    Rahul, yes the bedtime toileting is also important. Best of luck with the training!

    P. Veazey, awwww, thanks!

    Polprav, quotes are fine as long as they’re linked back to the original post. 🙂

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