Keeping Kids Safe on the Road: Sylvania Truth Sleuths Look at Headlights

Sylvania Automotive has created their own team, called the Truth Sleuths, to investigate automotive myths and help keep drivers safe. Issue number one: do headlights on cars dim over time, or just suddenly go out?

Having driven a minivan with the same headlamps for (ahem) years, I already thought I knew the answer to the question. The lights on our vehicle were so dim that if another brighter light was shining from behind, our van would cast a shadow making it difficult to see. Try THAT in a snowstorm downhill in Denver and see if it doesn’t terrify. Heh.

Of course, I never considered that it was the bulbs themselves. I thought it was because the lenses were so scuffed, and replacing the entire assembly was just too expensive. I wish I’d have known that simply putting in new bulbs might have improved night driving and made me feel safer. Call me dim, but there you have it. (see what I did there?) For a few dollars, we could have replaced the bulbs and felt safer. Now that we have the newer vehicle (RIP, poor Caravan) I plan to keep up on the headlights more regularly.

And if we’re ever going to Denver, I’m definitely going to replace those bulbs.

Check out the Truth Sleuths and their very first investigation. Their results are pretty impressive. You can also follow Sylvania on Facebook, where they’ll announce future Truth Sleuth episodes.

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who want their kids to drive safely.

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2 Responses to “Keeping Kids Safe on the Road: Sylvania Truth Sleuths Look at Headlights”

  1. Unbeliever says:

    Ha, the continuing astroturf agenda of Sylvania to push needless replacement of headlight bulbs. I love it. Incidentally, just replaced one of my 8-year old Sylvania low-end bulbs with the identical model, and guess how much difference there is between my headlights now? Zero.

    • Amy LeForge says:

      Unbeliever, as an individual who drove with headlights that were very dim due to age and wear, I strongly believe in what Sylvania has to say about replacing the bulbs regularly. Do you absolutely need to buy a particular brand? Not saying that. But when the lights got so dim that a vehicle driving behind us would cause a shadow to be cast in front of us, making it very hard to see? That’s scary.

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