7 Best Tools to Monitor Your Children’s Online Activity

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Tom, who brings very helpful information for monitoring online activity. Keeping track of your children can be ever more difficult as times and technology change so quickly. Thanks, Tom!) As a parent, you can use filtering software designed to monitor the online activity of your children. These tools can help to […]

Guest Post: How the Internet Makes Parenting Easier

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Tim Grayling to the site with his post on the Internet and parenting. Thanks Tim!!) Recent developments in the US economic environment have caused many Americans to return to school to develop new skills that better fit with the 21st century economy. More and more, online schooling has become mainstream and […]

The New Bully on the Block…Cyber Bullying

(Editor here: This week our guest author is Michael Kovach with a clear look at an important topic. Thanks Michael!) What is Cyber Bullying? Cyber bullying has been defined by the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry as “the intentional aggressive behavior using an electronic form of contact, over time and repeatedly, against a person […]

How to Use Parental Controls on Video Game Consoles

Editor’s note: please welcome Mary Ward to Earnest Parenting! I was very pleased that she chose to share this topic with us; it’s very important information for any family that has gaming systems in the home. Most of today’s parents are familiar with the video game rating system, which rates video games according to their […]