Parenting Help: Evaluate Your Anger

We’ve had rather an interesting conversation in the comments of my most recent post on parental anger. If you haven’t been following it, do pop over and take a read. Essentially, I wrote that I was angry with the boys. Beat said that he almost never gets angry with kids and doesn’t understand it in […]

Dealing with the Danger of Teen Depression

(Editor’s note: Melissa has some wisdom to share about teens and depression. Now that we’re in the teen years, no I don’t think you can avoid the angst. But these strategies are excellent for helping stave off the worst and helping the whole phase pass more smoothly. Thanks, Melissa!) It’s every parent’s nightmare—teen depression. Sometimes […]

Teach Your Children Good Manners Over a Cup of Tea

(Editor’s note: please welcome Veronica with some suggestions for teaching manners in a fun way. Thanks, Veronica!) We all want our children to behave, especially around others. So how do we teach our little ones to behave like we want to? In my book it isn’t enough that they are not mean to others, I […]

Angry Mom Has Fit, Boys Clean Up

Last year I asked the question: Am I a Failure at Homeschooling? At the time, things got so frustrating with the boys hating school and me being incapacitated with the knee injury that Hubby and I told the boys that there was nothing left to do but enroll in public school. Cooler heads and some […]

“Just Because I Said So” Is a Valid Parenting Technique

Getting children to be obedient can be a tricky thing. I know this will ruffle some feathers, but there are times in life when I expect the boys to do something simply because I’ve asked. Period. Of course I try to share the logic behind my directions and requests as often as I can, but […]

Communicating With Tweens Can Be Accomplished (With Persistence)

The Mercenary in particular has been getting irritated with me routinely. My breathing alone can cause a fit of sighs and eye-rolling. (You should see what happens when words come out of my mouth.) I’ve always tried to be very upfront and direct with the boys. This can have its disadvantages, but overall I’m glad […]