8 Outdoor Activities Sure to Bring Your Family Closer Together

Say goodbye to the television set and embrace family time outside the house this weekend for a whole new type of bonding. If meals are the only time you really see your other family members, you might be surprised at the engaging personalities that come out to play when you explore new locations and active […]

Family Fun: Five Ways to Encourage Learning Together as a Family

Children love to learn about anything and everything they can get their hands on. Whether their questions are about science, people, technology, art or animals, here are five fun ways you can get the whole family involved in their learning process. Visit the Great Outdoors Children of all ages enjoy being outside. Take a walk […]

Sometimes, Life Can Be a Whirlwind

(Deep breath.) So yea. Wow. Life has been more than a little hectic as of late. But it’s good. Just crazy. I’m the co-director of our local Vacation Bible School (9 churches get together…it’s HUGE!), and I have to have all my tasks done in the next 36 hours, because then I’m off on an […]

School’s Out. What Now? Three Wallet-Friendly Activities to do With Your Kids

Remember when you were a kid and June came? School let out and you were on your own. Your mom told you to “use your imagination” and “find something to do.” You did – for a few weeks. Then boredom set in. But at least once a summer, your parents probably arranged something really fun […]

In Defense of Pushy Parenting

Yesterday, Kathy’s guest post described the behavior of parents who have ambitions for their children. According to Kathy, “The problem with most parents today is that they tend to force on their children ambitions that were once upon a time theirs, ambitions that went unachieved for lack of support, motivation and/or the lack of opportunity.” […]