How Music Therapy Helps Prepare Autistic Children for the World at Large

Dr. Temple Grandin has spent her entire life dealing with autism in one form or another. Diagnosed at age 2, now that she is an adult she is an activist for those with the disorder. She understands firsthand what children with autism need, and what they do not need. Because autism has symptoms that can […]

Addressing Autism: Are Stem Cells a Viable Treatment?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved a study in children with autism that evaluates whether a child’s own umbilical cord blood may be an effective treatment. The study comes at a time when parents need hope the most. It’s believed that environmental factors, along with geneticsĀ  (and unknown immunologic factors) play a major […]

What’s the Big Deal About Immunizations?

(Editor’s note: the views in this article are those of the individual author, and not necessarily of Earnest Parenting. This is not to detract in any way from Amy’s excellent article, but an acknowledgement that thoughtful people disagree on some of her points.) Vaccines have been a net good for society since they came onto […]

Could Your Child Have Autism?

The statistic is staggering: 1 out of every 88 children is being diagnosed with autism, which means more than one million children in the United States are currently affected by the disorder. The medical costs for families who have a child with autism are astronomical, and in the United States, $126 billion are spent annually […]

Love and Logic is Excellent Discipline For an Autistic Child

(Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is courtesy of Tracy Hall, who explains how the Love and Logic technique can help with autistic children. Thanks Tracy!!) As parents, we all have a tough time deciding on what types of discipline we will use for our children. We want our children to feel loved, but we also […]