How To Be Happy, Part 3

The third rule that Hubby and I live by is “blessings are undeserved”. Now, I know that this explanation is not going to sit well with everyone who reads this post. No problem! You are most welcome to disagree with me; however this is how we choose to live. So. Blessings. Undeserved. As my friend […]


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, a time that we use to be with family and think about our blessings. I’m thankful of course for God’s amazing blessings, our family, a home that’s safe and dry, food to eat, and an income that meets our needs and then some. “Count your blessings” someone said […]

Counting Some Blessings

On a more uplifting note, the following cute boy stories happened this week. 1. After the whole “drink your milk” argument yesterday I was giving the Captain hugs and kisses. When I thought he’d been sufficiently loved and affected I suggested that I should go kiss another boy somewhere. I asked him who I should […]