Looking for Laundry in All the Wrong Places

So. A certain boy has apparently decided to be the death of me. As a member of the soccer team, he was provided with blue shorts and socks, a blue jersey, and a white jersey. The blue jersey was worn one Sunday evening to conduct a soccer team fundraiser. By Wednesday morning when he needed […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Raising a Teenage Boy

Raising teenagers is a challenge, and teenage boys can seem particularly baffling to parents. Understanding boys’ motivations is essential for meeting their needs and raising well-adjusted children. They Love a Mess Messiness is significant for teens who use disorder to cope with rapid changes in their lives. Messy rooms are also a way for teenage […]

5 Tips Every Parent Needs to Teach their Growing Boys

It’s every parent’s dream to see their boys grow up to become productive members of society. Parents teach their children many life lessons about first impressions, responsibility, and morality. Discover how these five parenting tips can help your boys achieve lifelong success. Personal Appearance Teaching boys about the importance of first impressions will help them […]

Are Your Boys in a Rut? Introduce Them to a Hobby!

One of the saddest facts about the American education system has been the routine and continued cutting of arts related programs from the public school curriculum. According to the President’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities, low income schools have been hardest hit when it comes to availability of the arts in the classroom. This […]

How to Annoy an 8-Year-Old

Having a little fun today…one of the great rewards of parenting is being ever so slightly irritating. Heh. Or maybe that’s just my twisted sense of humor. 1. When they go into a bathroom shout, “Hit the water!!!” 2. Let their older siblings stay home while they have to accompany you to the store 3. […]

Vocabulary is Important in Parenting

I’ve long been fond of the Love and Logic approach to parenting, mainly because of its focus on putting responsibility on children instead of the parents. By that I mean that children get to learn naturally from their mistakes at a young age. One of the keys to success in this approach is for the […]