4 Alternatives to Braces That Every Parent Should Consider

Parents typically just want to make sure that their child is getting the best possible treatment for their teeth. But some kids and teenagers have reservations about getting braces for their teeth. They may be apprehensive about the procedure of having braces put in to their mouths. Others might worry about the social stigma associated […]

Decisions Parents Face About Orthodontia

Your child needs orthodontic care. You’ve been to your dentist, but you want to review your options on your own. You’re fairly confident you can make an independent decision. You just need the information. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to find what you’re looking for online. Most orthodontists¬† offer the same or similar services. Braces […]

Orthodontic Work Can Stress Kids Out

So, the younger boys have needed some orthodontic treatment for quite a while. We bit the bullet a couple of months ago and had them evaluated. Each needed an appliance installed to straighten out their bite and avoid surgery in the future. This has not been an easy process. Both boys were less than pleased […]

He’s Still True to the Nickname

I was discussing braces with the older boys this morning, and The Mercenary asked how much braces usually cost. I told him, “Around five thousand dollars.” “Five THOUSAND?????” he exclaimed. “All you need is a paper clip and some glue!” Image courtesy of LateNightTaskForce via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved. By the way, we’re […]