Oy. I Missed the Linky Deadline – Again

Soooooooo, yea. I didn’t get the linky up last night, and now it’s really too late so I have decided to just post something explanatory and excusatory (I just made that word up. You’re welcome.) and live to try to do better next week. After a spring sports season in which 4 boys were participating […]

Organising a Busy, Messy Home – 6 Sanity Saving Tips for Single Parents

Running a household is a stressful, full time job at the best of times– but when you’re running solo, it can make life and day-to-day activities especially challenging. As you’re a single parent, maintaining an organised home falls squarely on your shoulders. All the cooking and cleaning is up to you – and that doesn’t […]

Sometimes, Life Can Be a Whirlwind

(Deep breath.) So yea. Wow. Life has been more than a little hectic as of late. But it’s good. Just crazy. I’m the co-director of our local Vacation Bible School (9 churches get together…it’s HUGE!), and I have to have all my tasks done in the next 36 hours, because then I’m off on an […]

When There’s Too Much To Do

When there’s too much to do, that’s when you scream, right? Okay, maybe that’s not the best choice. I guess we’ll go with option two: buckle down and focus on the ol’ ToDo list. There’s actually been some progress there, and that’s encouraging. We’ve got some craziness over the next several weeks with soccer and […]

I Feel Like Alice’s Rabbit

Holy cow, Internets. Life is spinning by so fast! When we finished the last school year I remember feeling like I was finishing a marathon, and if we could just make it to June things would relax and then I could get a few things done around here. HA. Soooo, now it’s September and we’re […]

It’s Not That I Have Nothing to Say

It’s just that the schedule lately has been full of well, stuff to do. Has summer been just screaming by this year? I feel like it’s screaming by. It’s crazy really….this whole Time Spinning Faster Every Year thing. My boys are going to be done growing up and out of the house before I know […]