Get Your kids into the Mardi Gras Spirit by Helping Them Make Masks

Kids love parties, open-air celebrations, carnivals, and fairs, so it’s only natural for them to wait impatiently every year for the Mardi Gras celebration to begin. If you’re not familiar with the term, “mardi gras” means Fat Tuesday in English and it comes from French. In the US, the event is a big deal and […]

Redecorate! How to Cater to Your Kid’s Changing Interests

Redecorating a child’s room is often a necessary process as they grow older. Not only is it nice to give the room a fresh look, but kids often develop different interests when they approach their teen years. Here are a few DIY, and affordable ideas for redecorating a kid’s room to suit their changing interests. […]

5 Secrets to Throwing an Awesome Kid Birthday Party on a Budget

You can throw an awesome kid birthday party on a budget.  All it takes is a little extra time and ingenuity to plan a celebration that your child will be talking about for years. Make Your Own Decorations No matter what theme your child wants for the birthday extravaganza, you can make your own decorations […]

Home Improvements to Make This Holiday Season

With the holiday season comes visitors, both invited and unexpected. Before the holidays arrive, there are probably some home improvements you need to make in order to make a good impression. The good thing about the home improvements you’ll find mentioned here is that they are improvements you will benefit from long after your holiday […]

Can You Fix Your Own Appliances?

Sheesh. I’ve been offline enough that I didn’t even mention my weekly post over at Forever Parenting. It’s all about the, ahem…adventures we’ve been having with the washing machine around here. Have you checked into the cost of having an appliance repaired lately? Its frightening how quickly those charges can add up. We purchased a […]