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With the holiday season comes visitors, both invited and unexpected. Before the holidays arrive, there are probably some home improvements you need to make in order to make a good impression. The good thing about the home improvements you’ll find mentioned here is that they are improvements you will benefit from long after your holiday guests have returned to their homes.

Make security a priority

Although, it’s not a pleasant thought to have during a festive season, burglaries increase this time of year. Before you begin concentrating on decorations, party menus and gifts, schedule a time to meet with a professional in the home security field to determine what type of system would be best for your home.

Safety Issues

Before you have guests coming in and out of your home, you will want to inspect your driveway, walkway and steps to make sure there are no safety hazards there. Cracks in the walkway could cause someone to trip. If your steps do not have handrails, adding them would make them safer. It’s also wise to add exterior lighting to walkways and the front entryway. Be sure your door mats and accent rugs have a non-slip back.

Heating System

Before you get busy with holiday activity, it’s a good idea to have your heating system checked by professionals. An improperly functioning heating system or one that is not functioning at all can ruin a holiday party. Some security packages offer mobile features and thermostats that enable you to control your system from a variety of devices. This is a convenient money saving feature.


If you’ve been putting off updating your guest bath, now is a good time to do the updating. You can do simple things like update the lighting and the decor. If time allows, a new coat of paint could instantly update the room. You might also consider replacing your toilet with a new, taller toilet in a trendy elongated design.

Completing all or some of the projects mentioned will help you be more prepared for the holidays. Installing a security system is an improvement with long term benefits. Any home improvement project, such a handrails, that increases the safety in and around your home is a worthwhile project.

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