NFL Teaching Kids About Injury Prevention

Many parents wonder if putting kids on a sports teams is really worth it, with the amount of risk and danger that come with playing contact sports.  However, there are some huge benefits to getting your kid active and involved on a team. It’s not just physical activity either. There are social, emotional and leadership […]

Thanks, Coach

One area that The Mercenary has had trouble with for years is his penmanship. His printing is downright illegible (thus qualifying him for a medical career, no?) and it’s because of bad habits. When he slows down and takes his time, it’s very easy to read. Most times though, my little speed demon is just […]

I Signed Them Up For What??

I may have mentioned that we signed the older boys up to play football this fall. I personally am more fond of them playing soccer; I like the schedule and the level of competition is pretty tame. However, there was a great deal of “football is my FAVORITE game” from one or more individuals this […]