Video Games: Six Reasons It’s Okay to Hand Your Child the Controller

Since the 80s, young and old have enjoyed video games. The Atari was the first gaming console that really made it big, setting a course for all of the game systems that have come since. From the time video games became popular, there have been some concerns about how video games might impact developing minds […]

Five Sneaky Tricks to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

If your kids are like most children their age, they probably don’t really care for brushing their teeth. In fact, they might downright refuse to pick up their toothbrushes. Reminding doesn’t work, and nagging doesn’t work, so you’ll have to get creative. If you’re at your wit’s end, try these five sneaky tricks to get […]

Ten Family Friendly Things to Do on a Cold Winter Day

For families who love spending time in the great outdoors, the colder seasons can feel dull and boring. While family-friendly recreational choices can feel limited once the temperatures drop, it’s a lot easier than you think to turn winter into a unique opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones. Instead of dreading the […]

Five Ways to Make Game Night the Most Enjoyable

Getting your family or a group of friends together on game night is a tradition shared by many people. Some gatherings are forgettable or uncomfortable because no thought was put into the night. A great game night requires a little planning. There are five ways to make game night as enjoyable as possible. 1. Make […]

New App Campaign on Kickstarter Promises Strategy, Fun

I will admit it: our family really enjoys computer games. We do try to play them in moderation for the most part, and balance is a very important concept in our family. People who play video games should also be reading and creating, exercising and going outside to play. But we still all love a […]

The Resurgence of Board Games Means More Family Fun

In this fast growing digital world, video games are getting more and more popular. However, it has been found that video games have more negative effects on children. Researchers also showed that playing video games affects family bonding. Board games are evergreen and rule the world forever. Board games have the power to boost a […]