Five Bad Habits Your Child Needs to Break

All parents think their children are perfect. Aside from his occasional temper tantrum or his tendency to pick his nose when he’s ready for a snack, he’s pretty great. Most kids, no matter how great they are, have a bad habit or two you need to help them break. These might not seem like terrible […]

Tips for Healthy Travel During the Flu Season

Ugh. The flu. Have you had it? I got sick with the flu in the early 90’s and wow, was I ever miserable. It’s an experience I hope to avoid in future. With the flu season already in full bore this year, anyone considering travel can use these tips from Clorox to try and stay […]

Have Happy Healthy Kids this Holiday

(Editor’s note: please welcome Jocelyn’s very wise suggestions for keeping the holidays smooth. Thanks Jocelyn!) The holidays are probably one of the very hardest times to keep the kids healthy and operating at their peak levels, but it’s probably also the time when we most want them to be feeling well and able to enjoy […]

Woman Loses Mind Over Towels on Floor

I’m not a neat freak or a germaphobe. Really. I’m not. But I am someone who finds clutter stressful and order….relaxing. Also? I don’t like the idea of getting sick and throwing up. Especially hate the throwing up part and would rather not thankyouverymuch. Do the boys have these particular issues in life? It’s hard […]