Building a Better Student: Thank You!

School is important, but there are lessons outside of the classroom that every kid can use to get ahead, or – as we like to say with our foundation – to become the best version of themselves. Some of those lessons go a long way in helping students become valuable company assets after graduation. Isn’t […]

Building A Better Student: Character Note

Dear Parent, I’m writing to say thank you for teaching your child to write thank you notes. You’ve obviously figured out what too many other parents have not, mainly that a vital element in a student’s education and growth involves gratitude. It’s funny, too, because so many parents are looking for any sort of edge […]

Practice Your Thanks with Merci Chocolates (Give Away!)

It’s that time of the year again: awards show season. I have to admit, I’m not much of an awards show person. But when Merci Chocolates contacted me with a promotion revolving around giving meaningful thanks, I was SO in. Plus. It’s chocolate. And I get to do a giveaway. Yay! When stars win their […]

5 Tips to Get Your Child to Write Thank You Notes

Please welcome J.J.’s suggestions for getting kids to write thank you notes. Thanks, J.J.! Any parent knows that getting children to complete even the simplest tasks such as putting pajamas in the clothes hamper or turning a light off when leaving a room is near impossible. How then are we expected to teach wee-ones the […]

FFYF: Memorial Weekend Edition

Good Memorial Weekend, Heroes! I’m hoping you take some time this holiday weekend to remember those who have died to protect us. I know that many have a tradition of remembering loved ones who’ve passed on, and that is a wonderful tradition. The holiday originated with remembering our servicemen and we here at Earnest Parenting […]

We Owe So Much

Part and parcel of Memorial Day celebrations around here include the local parade and memorial service at a cemetery. The boys march in the parade with the Scouts, then have a part in the service before officially retiring any flags that are too old or damaged to fly any more. This is a special day. […]