The Towel Saga, Continued

So. A few weeks ago I shared with you the story of the Bathroom Towels that Are Driving Me Batty. Recall? Well, Internets, I have an update. To recap. When our sad story began, the bathroom floor routinely looked like this: Mind you, this is a bathroom used primarily by boys. Who (ahem) don’t always […]

Woman Loses Mind Over Towels on Floor

I’m not a neat freak or a germaphobe. Really. I’m not. But I am someone who finds clutter stressful and order….relaxing. Also? I don’t like the idea of getting sick and throwing up. Especially hate the throwing up part and would rather not thankyouverymuch. Do the boys have these particular issues in life? It’s hard […]

The Pool Story

Okay, I just remembered another funny from the past. When The Manager and Captain Earthquake were 2, we got them one of those cute little plastic pools too splash in. Being that we live in an area where mosquitoes can be a concern, I tend to avoid standing water. So I usually dumped the pool […]