All Kids Should be Taught Gun Safety

Some parents, like my parents, do not believe in having guns in the home at all. As such, I never learned about gun safety until I married someone who occasionally likes to hunt. Whether or not you decide to let your children hunt, I’ve come to the conclusion now that everyone should know how to […]

Guns and Kids, revisited

I asked last year for opinions and practices on having guns in the home. If you haven’t seen that one, do read it; the comments are fantastic. I grew up in a home that was very anti-hunting and somewhat anti-gun. Definitely anti-violence, that’s for sure. Owning a gun ourselves or letting the boys even approach […]

What Do You Teach Your Kids About Guns?

A boy in a nearby town was accidentally shot and killed by his best friend this weekend. The exact details are unknown right now, but it’s still so sad. The boy who died was 14, and his best friend is 15. According to the news stories, authorities are assuming that they were just playing with […]