Parenting Tips: Why Teaching Your Kids Modesty is a Must

Now, most parents want to give their kids plenty of gifts and expensive toys. While this is a short-term way to please a child, it is not a wise thing for a parent to do too often. In fact, when teaching children about modesty, a parent will enjoy multiple benefits. Here are four reasons why […]

How To Be Happy, Part 3

The third rule that Hubby and I live by is “blessings are undeserved”. Now, I know that this explanation is not going to sit well with everyone who reads this post. No problem! You are most welcome to disagree with me; however this is how we choose to live. So. Blessings. Undeserved. As my friend […]

Lessons Learned…Again

I’ve been learning old lessons lately. Seems like I’d learn them and move on to new mistakes in life but nooooooo. Not me. By the time we arrived at life in the Earnest Parenting household last week Friday I was completely fried. The stress of several situations had taken over. Have you ever felt like […]