Monday Give Away Linky, Back on Track Edition

So, wow! Here I am getting this published in a timely fashion. Yay me! We’ve had an eventful weekend here, including 2 graduation parties for friends (yay) and a fight between the dogs that resulted in an emergency visit to the vet this morning (not yay). Jack Russell terriers can get into it every now […]

Prevent Common Sports Injuries with These Tips

Nearly 30 million children participate in organized sports each year and every year 3.5 million children are treated for sports injuries. There are many general practices that can help families and their children prevent a majority of these sports related injuries, however many of them are often ignored and overlooked. The sports medicine team at […]

Accidents Will Happen

Every parent knows that children are at high risk for injuries – bumps and bruises are often part of the daily routine. Car crashes; drowning, accidental poisoning, fires, falls, and suffocation are some of the most prevalent causes of serious injury in children. Accidents will happen, even when parents have taken every safety precaution. Though […]

More Than a Boo-Boo: Six Signs Your Baby Has a Broken Bone

Babies like exploring and learning about the mysterious world around them, and their insatiable curiosity can often lead to an accident. You cannot start helping your baby feel better until you know what is wrong, so look for these six signs your baby has a broken or fractured bone. Tread Carefully Injures involving the head, […]

Sports Injuries and Kids – 5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe During The Season

When playing sports, a child can have a lot of fun, get in great shape and meet new friends. Sadly, some kids end up with serious long-term injuries. While this is the case for many kids, it is easy to prevent most issues. With this in mind, here are five ways to keep your kids […]

Watch Out for That Falling TV: Safe Placement Tips to Protect Kids

Gather any group of parents for a playgroup or a cup of coffee, and the conversation will inevitably turn to screen time: what the risks are, at what age it’s OK, how much is too much, how screen time should be spent, etc. But many parents don’t realize there is a physical danger that’s even […]