Sometimes as a Parent, You Lose Control of the Conversation

So yesterday near the end of the day I sank gratefully into my oh-so-amazing couch under a delicious pile of blankets and called the dogs to come snuggle with me. As a side note, I have to tell you: I LOVE this couch. We got it last summer. It’s a 2-piece sectional, and it’s big […]

FFYF: The Final Edition

Happy Friday, heroes! Today is the very last Fun For Your Friday. After more than a year of doing this carnival, it’s time to close the doors. I’m still doing the Parenting Link Roundup, which has gotten a good deal more participation. 🙂 That carnival will run once monthly in future. For my laugh today, […]

FFYF: Carnival Down Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! Well, BlogCarnival appears to be down again, so I can’t pull the usual Fun For Your Friday articles. I’ll add them in as soon as the site comes back up. Soon, I hope! In the meantime, we’re having a bit of fun here on Friday. Well, kind of. We got a new […]

FFYF: Happy Spring Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! We’re finally in spring here at Earnest Parenting. Although to be honest, we had 80 degree weather before it was officially spring. Very strange for Michigan. Well, not that strange. The only predictable thing about Michigan weather is that it’s unpredictable. Anyway. It’s pretty nice out, so we’re going to call that […]

FFYF: Not So Dreary February Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! I’m happy to report that there is not much snow on the ground right now, and the big yellow orb in the sky has made occasional appearances this month! For Michigan, that is huge. February has been my most hated month of the year for some time now, and this looks to […]

FFYF: Holiday Weekend Edition

Welcome to Fun For Your Friday, Heroes! This weekend we’re celebrating the joyous holiday of Christmas with family. Happy birthday, Jesus! Andy Hayes presents In the Spring… posted at Traveling Quotes, saying, “If you’ve been feeling annoyed with the weather, Mark Twain will put a smile on your face. :)” Bethany presents A Surprise in […]