Teach Your Kids Lessons by Observing National Awareness Days

National Oatmeal Waffles Day. National Potato Chip Day. National Balloon Day. These are just a few of the hundreds of national days of recognition that take place annually in the United States. Chances are good you’re not going to send out cards on August 5, which is National Underwear Day. While some of them seem […]

Siggy Helps Kids Deal With Bullying

Siggy and the Bullies is a new book written by Blanche R. Dudley, Ed.D. and illustrated by Lawrence Reynolds. The story is about Siggy, a mockingbird who was born missing a wing. Siggy was adopted by a very sweet bird family and fits in very well with his sisters Pia and Gia. Unfortunately, all of […]

Building a Better Student: The End of the Slinky

A recent episode of Radiolab (presented by WNYC Radio and NPR) explored an intriguing concept in physics that, oddly enough, might help your kids to better understand the consequences of their actions. Scientists call it ‘locality,’ and a fun demonstration of the effect involves a popular children’s toy. A Slinky is held out at arm’s […]

Thoughts on Selfishness: A Letter to My Son

Hello Son, I want to first remind you that I love you very much, and that I think you’re an amazing human being – even if you drive me crazy most days. I’m sure I bug you to pieces most of the time too. 🙂 This morning you came to me upset because your brother […]