4 Suggestions for Helping Kids Deal With Grief

So, we had a very sad week here at Earnest Parenting. We decided that Marlee, one of our beloved dogs, needed to find a new home. To explain: we got Keely when she was a puppy in 2009. In 2012, we got Marlee from a local rescue organization. We believe she was 2 years old […]

How Kids Can Stay Sharp Academically Over the Summer

When students think of summer time, they often look forward to beach trips, playing outdoors, hanging out with friends, and sleeping late. While these are all indulgences that kids deserve after a long, hard school year, too much of a good thing can have negative consequences come next school year. In fact, it’s a well-known […]

Hug Your Kids For Me, Wouldja?

A dear dear friend just let me know that her son died this morning. He had been fighting cancer for years, and today lost that battle. To my knowledge, Jeremy was 25 years old. That’s too young to die. If you’re the praying type, could you remember my friend for a while? She’s struggled with […]

Facing a Parting, The Update

The only predictable thing about kids is they’re unpredictable. We had a kids’ craft event at church yesterday afternoon, and my friend D was there.  You know, the one who’s leaving.  It was super hard watching her talk to a few of the other ladies, saying some goodbyes and crying a bit in the process.  […]