Decorate Your Home Office Space With These 5 Items

One good thing about having a home office is that it can be decorated however the owner wants. There’s no need for ugly laminate desks, grim hutches, angular credenzas that no one knows what to do with anyway or ugly, metal, purely functional file cabinets. Some parents use their office to store books, while others […]

How to Organize Toys in Your Child’s Bedroom

No matter how old your child may be, you will want to know how you can organize their toys.  For parents of younger kids, they likely don’t want to let them have unsupervised access to some of their toys.  Parents of older kids will likely want to teach them the importance of keeping their rooms […]

We Need A Plan

A battle that the older boys and I keep returning to is pretty straightforward: I think they should work. They disagree. Early in school, we struggled (A LOT) over learning issues. They’ve definitely grown past those, but somewhere along the line the picked up the idea that life should always and only be fun. The […]

More Vacation Tips

As a follow-up to the article I wrote on saving money on vacation, I have a post over at with some vacation packing tips. Over the course of two separate vacations, Hubby and I drove the 4 boys cross-country this year. First we drove to the Pacific coast, and last week we went to […]