Once Upon An iPad: 4 Parenting Tips For The i-Generation

Tablets are everywhere and quickly growing in popularity amongst the younger generation. The i-Generation is in full force but does not have to be a bad influence on children. There are many different ways that parents can incorporate an iPad into a child’s mind growth. Guided Access Whether children should use tablets or not is […]

5 Security Measures to Protect Children Online

Parents need to take an active role in keeping their children safe while they are utilizing the Internet. The many pitfalls your children can run into on social media sites can create a kind of danger that is new for many people who did not grow up on computers. If you use the managed IT […]

Pros and Cons of Using Parental Control Software

With the amount of time kids spend on the internet these days they are bound to run into websites which are unsuitable for their age. Preventing their exposure to inappropriate content on the internet can be done in many different ways. Some service providers give parents an option of filtering internet browsing while some parents […]

How to Find the Safest Technology for Your Kids

Keeping your kids safe with the newest technology isn’t always easy. For some reason they seem to learn about the details of the technology more quickly and thoroughly than adults do. They can figure out how to use the technology for mischief if you’re not careful about the technology you give to them. Television plans […]

Why You Need a Phone Sheriff

If there is one thing that is constant in technology then it is change. This fact is truer for web technologies in the recent years, than for any other technology. Today web technologies have moved from the internet to mobiles and other smart hand held devices. And corresponding with the levels of sophistication in communication […]

Is Your Smartphone Safe for Your Children?

As a parent, you take many precautions to protect your children. You baby-proof the house, you put up safety gates, you give them swimming lessons, and you teach them about stranger danger. You even activate parental locks on your TV and game consoles. But one precaution many parents fail to take is to make sure […]